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shortcut, first enter edit mode, then position the cursor in or next to a cell reference you want to change. Toggle formulas on and off It can often

be handy to quickly see all the formulas in a worksheet, without clicking into each cell. Just select the number of rows or columns you want to delete, then use Control. If you have data bars selected, the shortcut will open the Format Data Series dialog. When you're working with a chart, the same shortcut will open various formatting dialogs, depending on what you have selected. Better yet, you can use this shortcut to instantly access a full set of formatting options, even when the ribbon is collapsed. By the way: to activate Find, use Control F (Mac: Command F). I'm not able to get the Mac shortcut to work on my Mac (Lion, Excel 2011) at the moment. Then press F4 (Mac: Command T). You don't see it mentioned much, but it's pretty cool. You can also insert multiple rows and columns. The underlined letters in the drop-down menu are the shortcut keys for each command. Note that if you are working in an Excel table, these same shortcuts will select rows and columns within the table, not the entire worksheet. This article is a quick run through about 50 shortcuts you should know. To rotate to the next open workbook, use the keyboard shortcut Control Tab (both platforms). The one notable feature that is missing right now is userforms. . Autosum selected cells Autosum works on both rows and columns. See my articles on how to setup the Quick Access Toolbar and how to use the QAT's keyboard shortcuts for instructions on this. You're never going to beat it scrolling.

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I have programa dibujo capas mac also created a free workbook that contains over 25 keyboard puedo hacer el applecare a un mac usado shortcuts for the Filter Menus. Click the Tell Us What Can Be Better option. Then use use the keyboard shortcut Alt F1 Mac.

Navigation, even though the cursor is moving at great speed. You need to click the Special button to get all the way to Go To Special. Selection, you can see this shortcut by going to the Data tab on the Ribbon and hovering over the Filter button with the mouse. This mac includes my new favorite shortcut. For even more satisfaction, move to last cell in worksheet. From there, in a similar way, extend Selection. Active Cell, hide and unhide columns To hide one or more columns.

ShiftAlt Down Arrow from any cell inside the table to open the filter drop-down menu for that column.Note that column letters on either side of hidden columns will appear in blue.


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Welcome to Excel Campus!It's really easy to do!The best part about using Shift Control Arrow is that your selections are perfectly accurate.”