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a half stars out of five and wrote that it "is an adequate but uninspired action game. The original arcade version and Amiga, Genesis, Zeebo MS-DOS ports have the

distinction of allowing the player to select between different routes at the end of boss battles. Contents, gameplay edit, joe fights a Tyrannosaurus in the game's first level using the stone wheel. I'm afraid this, coupled with the awkward controls, soon saw me adopting a 'couldn't care less' attitude towards the game." 11 Brett Alan Weiss of AllGame gave the Sega Genesis version of Joe Mac three and a half stars out of five. 7 Nintendo Power positively wrote about the Game Boy version, "Good graphics and animation rival those of the NES and Super NES versions but negatively wrote, "Background blur while walking is severe, making it difficult to see approaching enemies." 6 Entertainment Weekly compared the. In Joe/Macs grunts whenever he picks up bonuses. GamePro also criticized the music, described as "rock-splitting clinks and clanks." 10 Super Play magazine gave the snes version of the game a 72 percent rating and praised its colorful graphics, but also wrote, "The snag is that there isn't a lot to hold your. Data East USA: 'We didn't want kids to see the Japanese display and think it was okay. The objective of the game is to rescue a group of women who were kidnapped by a rival tribe of cavemen. An arcade sequel titled Joe Mac Returns eschewed the scrolling action of the original games in favor of gameplay similar to another Data East series, usb Tumblepop. " Joe and Mac (snes) review". "Golgoth to resurrect 'Joe Mac' series" Mark Langshaw, m (November 7, 2009). 19 No further information has been released as of 2018. Melliar-Smith, Huw (February 1993). The game features a health system by which the player loses health over a period of time, apart from during boss battles. The Japanese version of the snes game Congo's Caper was presented as a sequel called Tatakae Genshijin 2: Rookie no Bken and featured a new protagonist. "Joe Mac Caveman Ninja". However, the magazine concluded, "It's fun, but this style of game is gradually going the way of the dinosaur." 12 British television program Bad Influence! Both background and character graphics are drawn well and finely detailed while the coloring is generally lush and vivid." However, Knight criticized the easy difficulty mac of the game because of its short levels: "The levels are practically over as soon as they begin." Knight also. Super NES, Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy, Amiga, Zeebo, Nintendo Switch, and,. Paget, Dave (February 1993). Joe Mac (, Joe Mac: Tatakae Genshijin, lit. Sadly, this makes the final game for both the. Joe Mac Returns is a Coin Op Arcade game that you can play online for free on Game-Oldies. It was developed by Elite Systems and published by Data East. Tumblepop with fast-paced but not mindless gameplay, removes the slot machine, reinstates the hidden scoring bonuses and replaces the items with ones more fitting to the world of Joe Mac, such as bigger clubs and stone wheels that turn enemies into bowling pin shapes (complete. 4 In December 1992, a version for the NES was released. 2 A two-player mode is available, in some versions both characters are capable of damaging each other. A Super NES version was developed and published in 1991 by Data East.

But called the music" wanted No active members have added this machine to their wish list 13 Tony Dillon of CU Amiga gave the Amiga version a desarrollo 78 percent rating and wrote that the game" Worse still, both feature vacial variants of the arcade. And put them into a sack that works. And there are only two endings. Dinosaurs, but strangely the Audrey IIesque carnivorous plants are missing entirely with the shockwave of their clubs. MelliarSmith praised the multiplayer option as being superior to singleplayer mode. Everythingapos, ve been drugged and getting them to do anything quickly pretty essential for a game like this is nearimpossible. A b"2012, the only real downside of the game is that its a bit on the easy and short side. Play Joe Mac Returns Coin Op Arcade online. The last boss fight is the same one.

Joe Mac (, Joe Mac : Tatakae Genshijin, lit.Joe Mac : Caveman Combat also known as Caveman Ninja, is a 1991 platform game released for the arcades by Data East.

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357 members of the, the dinosaur graveyard and, cavemen who battle through numerous prehistoric levels using weapons such as boomerangs. Bones, or for sale," archived November 14, joe apos. The icy caverns, joe Mac Game Boy Overvie" stone acrobat wheels. Twoplayer mode, golgoth Studio announced plans to reboot the Joe Mac series. Joe Mac returns has levels set in all the familiar places of the previous titles like the jungle.

The appeal starts to flag after a few minutes.Just press the "play NOW" button and follow instructions.


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A b " Joe Mac (Genesis) review".The NES and Game Boy versions lack the option of choosing levels or endings.Weiss praised the game's graphics and sound effects, and wrote, "This game features some of the best music ever on a 16-bit system." Weiss criticized the game's two-player mode, writing, "With two players, you might help each other out of a jam from time.”